Revive Yoga Breaks

Revive Yoga Breaks are dedicated to creating an experience that allows you to truly relax, reflect and reenergise. With the ever-demanding work place and pace of life, we sometimes forget to stop, and breath. Revive recognise the challenges of fitting it all in, and have therefore specialised in creating bespoke experiences to directly focus on your needs.

They create a unique experience for you and your friends, family or colleagues that focuses the challenges you face. Whether it be simply to relax and unwind, or to feel more energised and recharged, our bespoke packages are made with you in mind.

Of One Mind worked with Revive to grow and expand their ambitions to create unique yoga events across the county. Of One Mind successfully secured events at venues such as The Gallery Of Modern Art, Village Hotels, Crossbasket Castle and The Art Galleries Of Glasgow.

We worked closely with Revive to create events, brochures, online marketing, social strategy as well as bringing in partners to support their events. We managed the ticketing, organisation and logistics of the events, working with the venues using cross promotion opportunities and delivered a sell out series of events.