Revive Yoga Breaks

At Revive Yoga Breaks we are dedicated to creating an experience that allows you to truly relax, reflect and reenergise. With the ever-demanding work place and pace of life, we sometimes forget to stop, and breath. At Revive we recognise the challenges of fitting it all in, and have therefore specialised in creating bespoke experiences to directly focus on your needs.

We can create a unique experience for you and your friends, family or colleagues that focuses the challenges you face. Whether it be simply to relax and unwind, or to feel more energised and recharged, our bespoke packages are made with you in mind.

At Revive, when you join us on one of our weekends, you’ll feel relaxed from the moment you arrive. We consider every step of the journey from the welcome to the farewell. Our holistic approach to yoga weekends focuses on the integral correlation between not only the yoga and the food, but the entire experience. The interaction between you and our instructors, the informative nature in where we explore the nutritional benefits of the food we’re preparing and its benefit to the yoga sessions.

Together, we create a luxury experience like no other, we offer the chance to really switch off and completely envelop yourself in the luxury surroundings, or, explore the city, treat yourself with a massage or simply relax in between sessions and connect with friends, old and new. At Revive, we’re dedicated to you – the individual.