NuUnlimited Launches a global first in food & drink provenance and sustainability with new App.

NuUnlimited. July 2019

NuUnlimited leading the way in allowing consumers to check provenance, safety and traceability of their ingredients with a trade first provenance driven app.

In recent years the provenance of ingredients and products has become increasingly important for more than half the population. Whether its checking for allergens, ensuring the vegan or vegetarian status of a product, its eco-credentials or simply because they care about the quality of the products they buy, transparency has never been more important.

NuUnlimited have developed their unique provenance platform which is accessed through an app and directly connects the supplier with the consumer, using the host bar, restaurant or hotel as a gateway between the two.

For the supplier; food manufacturers, fish suppliers, farms and a variety of suppliers now have the chance to tell their story direct to the consumer. The app closes the loop by allowing the consumer to read about the supplier before they order, thus telling the story of the supplier, direct to consumer.

CEO Tim Sandford adds, ‘Food and Drink are vital to the Scottish and UK economies. The care and quality invested in those products makes them world leading. Enabling suppliers and brands to prove the quality of their products and the passion they put into them in a way that is easily accessible, instant and direct, is extremely powerful – and that is just the start of what we can deliver.’

Connecting the supplier directly to consumer through the venue benefits everyone. Before choosing the dish, the provenance, sustainability and source have been proven, and assures the consumer their dish is indeed a local, Scottish product.

For discerning customers who have an interest in where their ingredients are coming from, can scan the QR code which directly links them to the suppliers information, giving them the ability to check directly, with the app, to check the sustainability, ethics and production processes of the food they are now eating.

For, consumers with special dietary needs or preferences, the app enables them to easily and instantly check whether or not the product fits their specific needs, giving them confidence that they are choosing both a product that fits their preferences and have chosen the right product or restaurant for them.

As well as demonstrating the quality and provenance of their products, suppliers can connect directly with consumers through the app initially to tell their stories and provenance. However NuUnlimited will be launching enhancements to the platform that enable suppliers to develop more personalised consumer relationships.

The app is fully GDPR compliant, thus solving a costly problem for suppliers wishing to grow their databases. More importantly the overall structure of the platform ensures that consumer data cannot be abused.

NuUnlimited have partnered with The Fitzsimmons Group in Ayrshire, piloting the scheme and will be a UK first in providing a platform for the QR codes allowing Ayrshires finest suppliers the chance to talk directly to the thousands of regular clientele across the group .

Owner Henry Fitzsimmons says  ‘For us, it’s a no brainer. We are proud to use local Ayrshire suppliers across the group, and we are more than happy to share who our suppliers are with customers, however in today’s climate with staff turnover and increased pressure on the team, we can’t always guarantee this message comes across, we rely solely on the staff member to remember all our suppliers and their story and why we use them, which in reality, is not realistic. With the app we can proudly showcase who our suppliers are and indirectly shout about the provenance of our suppliers’

CEO Tim Sandford adds, ‘The opportunity to partner with a quality focused group like Fitzsimmons is fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the quality, provenance and safety of Scottish Food and Drink products both domestically and abroad.’

The app will be available across the UK in September 2019 and has already gained interest from other hotel and hospitality groups.

Furthermore, with Natashas law coming into force, all food suppliers must prove their ingredients and source to all their customers. NuUnlimited are hoping to offer a one stop solution to this challenge and will continue to work across the industry to ensure that it understands the challenge from all angles.

The vast majority of Scottish suppliers from gin to lettuce, from seafood to game, have a great story to tell. The app is simply telling a good story, better.

 NuUnlimited are exclusively working with SMEs who have a great story to tell and need a solution to their marketing challenges.

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July 2019