Of One Mind Says Slange Var!

Of One Mind have partnered with Slange Var, Scotlands newest non alcoholic drink. We’re delighted to be organising their official Scottish launch at True Glasgow and further supporting them in their journey to break into the on trade, retail and gifting markets throughout the UK and beyond!

More than just a drink, Slange Var lives and breathes is values through its ingredients. Provenance is at the heart of the drink, and it’s this care and dedication to the process that can be enjoyed with every sip.

Using fresh Scottish water and local Perthshire honey in the creation of Slange Var, like the nation’s favourite tipple whisky, Slange Var takes great pride in sourcing its ingredients in the world’s greatest natural larder, and without over complicating the process, allows these wonderful ingredients to shine through, which makes it a perfect mixer for a fine single malt.

With sharp yet deep citrus flavours, a warm honey undertone finished with the zing of fresh ginger, Slange Var transforms effortlessly into the ultimate cocktail ingredient for a mixologist. Taking the hassle out of creating inhouse blends of the same nature, Slange Var brings to the drinks’ market a ‘go to’ liquid which can brighten up deep, dark and intense drinks, to adding the zip to a long refreshing cocktail over ice. The drink creates everything from a twist on the old fashion to a bright and exciting version of the classic G&T.